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How many lines do you need?

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Save $20 a month when you add-a-line to any of our Unlimited plans

Cost /mo.
$50Data, Talk & Text
Unlimited GigsWi-Fi symbol"/> class="x-el x-el-span px_-fs-unset px_-ff-_Open_Sans___arial__sans-serif px_-fw-700 x-d-ux">  Hotspot
12 GigsMore Info ▾Cost /mo.
$60Data, Talk & Text
Boost® Unlimited Plus
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30 GigsMore Info ▾Cost /mo.
$80Data, Talk & Text
Ultimate Unlimited"/> class="x-el x-el-span px_-fs-unset px_-ff-_Open_Sans___arial__sans-serif px_-fw-700 x-d-ux">  Hotspot
50 GigsMore Info ▾Limited Time Offer " target="_blank">"/> 


Boost Mobile gives you everything you could want in a wireless carrier

Unlimited data, talk & text, taxes & fees, and unlimited music streaming without data charges are included on all plans - so no surprises. Plus, we offer a wide selection of the latest phones from top brands at prices you can afford. It’s more than you’d expect from a wireless service. And it all comes with no annual service contracts.

No annual service contracts" target="_blank">"/>

No annual service contracts

Taxes and fees included" target="_blank">"/>

Taxes and fees included

Mobile hotspot" target="_blank">"/>

Mobile hotspot

Unlimited music streaming" target="_blank">"/>

Unlimited music streaming

Unlimited data, talk and text" target="_blank">"/>

Unlimited data, talk & text

Nationwide coverage" target="_blank">"/>

99% nationwide coverage
with voice roam


It’s an easy choice.

Get big savings, simple payment options and no long-term commitments.

How does prepaid work?

You pay for nearly everything up front and get exactly what you pay for. Buy the phone you want, pick a plan and add money to your account regularly to maintain service. That’s it.

There are no annual contracts, no credit checks, no monthly bills, no overage fees and no roaming charges.Couple standing on dock looking at phone"/> alt="Woman taking smartphone photo of another woman in coffee shop" src="" target="_blank">"/>

Can I find a good phone on a prepaid plan?

Sure can. Boost offers everything from basic flip phones to ultra-powerful 4G LTE smartphones on plans with unlimited talk, text and data.

Pick from top-tier manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and LG. Or choose a super-affordable basic phone if you don’t use your phone much, or need a quick replacement.

Keep more money in your pocket thanks to awesome phone deals found only at And if you’re looking for great service, we’ve got you covered. Boost Mobile® runs on the Nationwide Sprint® Network.

How do I know if it’s right for me?

You need control over your budget. When you go prepaid, you make your payment up front, so you know exactly how much you’ll pay each month, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees and charges.

Even better, with prepaid you can upgrade your phone whenever you’re ready, so you don’t have to wait around until you’re eligible like with postpaid.Hand holding smartphone"/> alt="Smartphone next to hand taking tickets from ticket booth" src="" target="_blank">"/>

What are the benefits?

Aside from the above – cost. When you choose prepaid, you pay for most or all of the cost of your phone up front, and save immediately by paying less for your service. On a traditional two-year contract, you might save money on the phone at first, but you’re actually paying for the phone as part of your bill every month.

What’s the point? A prepaid plan with Boost starts at $35/mo, A plan on a postpaid contract often ends up costing you $100/mo or more.

Plus, prepaid gives you flexibility. If you don’t like your service, or just don’t need it anymore, cancel it. No long-term commitments here. 



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